Some Information About Mobile Network

There is one last type of wireless network that we need to discuss, and it is the one with it you might be intimate and constantly familiar. I talk about wireless networks everywhere used by simple phones – or, more generally today, high-tech cellular data networks used by iPhone and other smartphones to connect are not just each other, but also to the Internet.

How does the cellular network work – and what do you do with other wireless networks that you use every day? Good questions, and two of the many answered in this chapter.

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Understanding Cellular Phone Technology

Cellular phones work the same way as other wireless devices we have discussed. The signal that carries sound sound, text, and digital is transmitted through radio waves from one device to another. In terms of cellular networks, data is transmitted not to the center center on the small network of devices (as well as Wi-Fi) or even directly from the device to the device (like Bluetooth), but through global), but through global network transmitters and recipients.

Cells in the tissue

What’s interesting about mobile networks is their cellular design. (Therefore the term “cellular network” and “cell phone.”) With that, I mean the mobile network is divided into thousands of overlapping geographical areas, or cells. Typical cellular networks can be imagined as hexagonal cell mesh, as shown in Figure 4.1, each with its own base station in the middle. The slightly overlapping cells on the edge to ensure that the user always remains within the range of the base station. (You don’t want a call that falls when you drive between the base station.)

Mobile network Not Available Problem

We all use smartphones and some time we face general problems. And the problem is ‘mobile network not available‘ or ‘mobile network state disconnected‘. This is the most common problem. Most users use a dual SIM smartphone. And this problem arises when we use a dual SIM smartphone.

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